Coronavirus Covid-19

Living with COVID: Further relaxation of Restrictions

While the COVID virus remains in our community and requires our constant vigilance, we need to continue the process of reducing the lifestyle impacts we have carried for so long. It must be recognised that the delicate aged remain highly vulnerable to COVID, Influenza, and other viruses and everyone is responsible to minimise their risk of infection.

DO Not enter the facility if you have one or more of any of the following symptoms:

    • a temperature 37.5 degrees or higher
    • a recent history of fever
    • symptoms of acute respiratory infection including a cough, sore throat or shortness of breath
    • All visitors and workers must report to reception for temperature checks.


Flu vaccination

The Western Australian Government recommends anyone entering an Aged Care Facility have an annual influenza vaccine to ensure the safety of our residents.

Entry Provisions

For the safety and wellbeing of everyone, the following Entry Provisions need to apply to all Visitors:

      • Visitors must sign In/Out.
      • Wear a musk if not well.
      • Submit to a temperature check.
      • Regular handwashing.
      • Follow any instructions from staff during the visit.

Increased Lifestyle Services & Resident Surveys

We are conducting ongoing Resident Feedback Surveys to gauge the response of residents to our Lifestyle programs and the outcomes continue to be overwhelmingly positive with the majority of residents reporting a significantly increased enthusiasm and engagement. These Lifestyle enjoyment programs will continue to be expanded and be varied in the future. We will be in communication with our residents and primary contacts when these occur.