Getting Started in Residential Aged Care

Bedingfeld specialise in Residential Aged Care, owning and operating contemporary, new or refurbished Residences. We offer Low and High levels of Care, as well as Extra Services and Dementia Specific Care.

Each Residence operates independently with all offering high quality information, maintaining their own admissions process and waitlist. For more complex queries you may wish to contact our Residential Services Team via Email or call (08) 9531 1622.

When a decision has been made for you to consider moving to permanent Residential Aged Care, an Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) must be completed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

An ACCR needs to be available prior to applying for Residential Aged Care.

An ACCR can only be completed by an ACAT. You must be referred by a General Practitioner or a hospital social worker if you are currently in hospital. You cannot self refer to an ACAT.

The ACCR will indicate if you are classified as in need of Low or High Care. There is also Dementia Specific Care which is care within a secure environment. Low Care caters to hostel type accommodation and High Care caters to nursing home level.

Ask the social worker or the ACAT for all the information necessary prior to applying at a particular residence. It is important to match your care needs with the care that can be offered by the residence. Ask the social worker for a copy of “5 Steps to Entry into Residential Aged Care” (5 Steps Pack) and a copy of “DPS Guide to Aged Care”.

Prior to applying at a Residence

  • Ensure your ACCR is current and available.
  • Hold, where necessary, an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA), Guardianship or Administration orders. Information on these is available at The Office of the Public Advocate and the State Administration Tribunal.
  • When enquiring you will be asked if you have completed a Centrelink Application for an ‘Assets Assessment’. This is not compulsory but essential for fully or partially supported residents and provides information to ensure the correct fees are charged upon admission. Application forms for an Assets Assessment are available in the 5 Steps Pack or from Centrelink or online. Following submission to Centrelink, these can take 6-8 weeks to be processed.

What to do next

You will be asked for copies of:

  • ACCR
  • EPA, Guardianship or Administration orders, if applicable
  • Assets Assessment (where completed)
  • Completed Bedingfeld Application